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Learn more about learning disabilities and how they affect an individual’s life also beyond academics.

Here you will find a number of other interesting summative documents that do not deal with the DeveloperSpace topic (access to ICT), but provide a more spherical view of other aspects of disability.

This QuickSheet provides a summary of key documents that can aid in gaining a better understanding of accessibility strategies for Cognitive, Language and Learning Disabilities

This is a list of scientific journals which are publishing research in the field of accessibility and/or universal usability/design, in close relation to ICT. Recently published conference proceedings and special issues are also included. The listed general disability journals also publish research in the field of accessibility and/or universal usability/design, but also recent work in other disability related topics (e.g. standars/standardization, ethics, legal issues, etc.).

Learn more about what an epileptic seizure is, common types of seizures and how these can be induced by computer screens or content being rendered.

Learn more about low vision, its causes, types and impact on everyday life.

This Quick Sheet provides detailed information about decibels, sound pressure level and our perception of loudness.

Learn more about blindness and legal blindness.

Learn more about physical disabilities.

Learn more about digital literacy and digital skills.