For our purposes, blindness is defined as no or very low vision – such that text cannot be read at any magnification.

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Here you will find a number of other interesting summative documents that do not deal with the DeveloperSpace topic (access to ICT), but provide a more spherical view of other aspects of disability.

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+)

by Fluid Project

User Interface Options Plus (UIO+) allows you to customize websites to match your own personal needs and preferences. Settings for the adaptations can be set via the UIO+ adjuster panel or, if on a GPII (Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure) enable machine, from a keyed in preference set.

Adaptive user interfaces can change their appearance and/or interaction behaviour to match the requirements of an individual user, the used device and current context conditions.


by MooTools

MooTools is a collection of JavaScript utilities designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer.


by scottaohara

Various styled accessible form controls


by mdesjardins

React select component with a focus on accessibility


by TimAdamson21

A pdf / image to text converter that helps students learn


by mikolajdobrucki

Fully customisable & accessible vector icons

Find out how to be sure your website or web application works with the keyboard alone.