Minecraft Controlled by eye movements only

To provide access to Minecraft Game using eye controls only. For example: a Grid 3 gridset that allows a user to drive a Minecraft game (running alongside the Grid 3 on a capable Lenovo Yoga outfitted with an EyeX eye tracker). The existing online gridset is not well integrated. This is tricky because Minecraft isn't designed from the outset to be eye-tracking-friendly so careful thought would need to be given to how control over this game could be exercised to give the player an optimal outcome, or even if a special version of the game would need to be created to be more accessibility-friendly. Although excellent controllers such as Xcessity's KinesicMouse are designed to empower disabled gamers with a significant degree of bodily control, this solution would not work well for severely disabled users who have control over only a very few muscles in their body (e.g. only ones eyes, otherwise being quadriplegic). Goal is to connect to age-appropriate cognitively complex activities that can be usee independently to keep users from being digitally isolated and to grant them the opportunity to build a new set of skills. With such a severe lack of cognitively advanced accessible games on the market, and since many schools are using Minecraft to teach kids strategy/survival/building skills and raise geographical/historical awareness, access could help users join the world of online games like so many other kids. This is a thinking person's game that is also well known and accepted by the global community, it is just missing a bridge to the world of assistive tech. A few barriers - the game sometimes is fast paced and taking actions at specific times is required for survival (for example, escaping monsters which spawn at night) so the interface would need to be intuitive and allow for this. An excellent exemplar : the game "I Can Fly" allows severely disabled players to easily control gameplay by having their character travel in the direction of their gaze. This game was designed from the outset to be eye-tracking friendly, this can be said of only very few games available in the market today. Reward of $1000 for the achieving the following: Eye tracking is one of the ways a mouse can be driven. Grid set must launch the game, have it run in a window surrounded by grid controls and convert grid cell access to keyboard inputs to the game. The grid set must grant the user permission to effect eye tracking control over the game to emulate mouse if user is eye tracking capable. Minor modification of game (UI or keyboard/mouse control changes only, maintaining compatibility with stock Windows or educational version of Minecraft so player can participate with others online). Allow user with variety of access methods to effectively control game (single/multiple switch access or eye tracking access). Ensure game may be either completely keyboard driven or optionally additionally driven by mouse movements to enhance/speed up gameplay. Ensure easy integration with native eye-gaze computer control if available (various flavours of eye gaze driven control ranging from raw mouse emulation to fine grained zoom/select features). Demonstrate integration with Xcessiy KinesicMouse (Converts facial movements to keyboard/mouse input) for users that do not have Grid 3. Demonstrate that a single switch user can survive in the game without getting killed by monsters (ie. Can a player who cannot react as quickly still survive?

Award: Two levels of award. $100 and $1000