An Open-source version of the Trace Center's PEAT

What is PEAT? The Trace Center has created a free tool for analyzing content for seizure provoking visual stimuli.   This tool can test content for conformance with the photosensitive seizure preventions rules in both the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the proposed new 508 and 255 revised guidelines of the US Access Board. This tool is available free but uses a proprietary analysis engine in its core that was obtained under license from Cambridge Research Associates in the United Kingdom.   This challenge This challenge is to use the WCAG 2.0 guidelines as the criteria and create an open-source engine for carrying out the analysis.  Since this must be a ‘clean room’ implementation – only very limited information can be provided and no information about how to do the algorithms can be provided. Resources More information on the tool can be found at .

Award: $10,000

More info: 
PEAT webpage on Trace R&D Center University of Maryland Website