Photosensitive Seizure - Monitor and Block Tool

This is a two part Challenge -- both parts relating to tools that can detect visual flashing in the environment That might lead to a photo induced seizure – and then taking some sort of action to lessen the impact of the effect in order to prevent the seizure. Challenge 1 is to create a piece of software that can be installed in a display monitor (or box connected to a display) that will a) monitor the signal coming in to the display, b) detect visual events that are known to trigger a seizure, and c)alter the signal to remove that stimulus. Challenge 2 is to create a pair of glasses that can monitor the environment for seizure inducing visual events, detect them, and then modify what the user sees in order to reduce or eliminate the seizure inducing event.  Things that are known to reduce the impact of visual events includes reducing the contrast, changing the colors,  halving the number of eyes seeing the stimulus etc. This challenge is related to the other challenge to create an open source engine for detecting photo stimuli that could lead to seizures.