Smart Ageing Prize

The Problem Older people are more at risk of social isolation than the general population Evidence suggests that supporting older people to participate fully in social life will help them to remain active and healthy for longer into later life. At the same time, reducing social isolation requires meaningful engagements and social experiences. A key value proposition of ICT is its ability to connect people and communities. Digital technologies can therefore act as a broker for social experiences that are stimulating and improve wellbeing. There is a need for digital products and services targeting the 65-plus market segments that facilitate real world interactions to improve quality of life, and are designed and promoted appropriately for the aspirations of these consumer groups. The Active and Assistive Living (AAL) Programme is a €700 million funding initiative focused exclusively on developing ICT solutions for active and healthy ageing. More about the AAL Challenges here.

Award: Total of €700 million funding for the ALL initiative ( REWARD PERIOD EXPIRED - but challenge remains. )

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