Smart Home UI with Scanning


This demo shows a user interface for a Smart Home environment integrating several technologies.


The user interface can either be operated by scanning (press space for selection), mouse or camera mouse (head movement). There are submenus demonstrating remote control of TV, HiFi device, DVD player, Lights and Heating. If you select a button the action command sent to the respective device is shown in the "Debug output" window. Additionally the camera mouse (CameraMouse button) can be activated and deactivated and an onscreen keyboard (Keyboard button) can be started. There are some more demos in the subfolders for enOcean, KNX and FS20 environmental control technologies.

User interface for Smart Home environment

Deploy and Start Demo


Integrated Webcam or USB camera, KNX HW and configured KNX router and IRTrans. OS: Windows

Building Block




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