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universAAL IoT is the open source platform that enables seamless interoperability of devices, services and applications on an unprecedented scale. The community behind this not-for-profit project believe that by integrating every available technology, we can finally bring clarity to the Internet of Things (IoT). It empowers consumers to create a fully customised experience and lifestyle, accelerating and growing the potential for interconnectivity. If you could create and connect anything within the IoT sphere, what would you choose and why? With universAAL, you have the vehicle with which to develop new product and service solutions that have the capability to resonate on a global scale.

This collaborative vision is what founded universAAL, an operating system for IoT enabled smart environments. The platform provides the framework for communication, connectivity and compatibility between otherwise disparate products, services and devices. By empowering rapid development of IoT solutions, universAAL is the catalyst for a truly customised lifestyle experience.

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