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Connecting to Gitter over IRC

Note: the bridge between IRC and Gitter is a beta service provided by Gitter.

When you setup your connection, please note the following:

  • Gitter only works over a SSL connection;
  • Use port 6667 to connect;
  • Your password is provided by Gitter;
  • Room name is 'w3c/a11ySlackers' (without the quotes);
  • To mention someone in Gitter, prefix their name with an @.


Follow these steps to connect to IRC via Chatzilla:

  1. Open Chatzilla
  2. Use the following command to connect: /sslserver password nickname
  3. Join the room: /join w3c/a11ySlackers


Follow these steps to connect to the WICG Gitter room via IRC:

  1. Open Colloquy
  2. Create a new connection via File > New connection… or cmd + N
  3. Click on the details button to expand the window
  4. Set the 'Nickname' and 'Username' fields to your GitHub/Gitter username
  5. Set the 'Chat Server' field to
  6. Make sure the 'Remember this connection' option is checked
  7. Make sure the 'SSL Connection' option is checked
  8. Set the 'Server Password' field to the token provided by Gitter
  9. Add 'w3c/a11ySlackers' to the 'Join Rooms' list
  10. Click on 'Connect'


Follow these steps to connect to the WICG Gitter room via IRC:

  1. Open Pidgin and go to the Buddy List
  2. Open your "Accounts" window. (Accounts > Manage Accounts, or ctrl+A)
  3. Click the "Add..." button (alt+A)
  4. From the "Protocol" drop-down, select IRC. (alt+A and space to reach and activate the drop-down)
  5. Fill out your username (the one Gitter knows)
  6. Set the 'Server' field to
  7. Fill out your password (supplied by Gitter)
  8. You can choose to set a local alias.
  9. Go to the "Advanced" tab. (alt+V)
  10. Select "Use SSL." (alt+U)
  11. Save the connection by clicking "Add." (alt+A)
  12. Make sure the room has connected by looking for a checkmark next to the room in the Accounts window.
  13. Close the Accounts window and go back to the Buddy List.
  14. Open the "Buddies" menu. (alt+B)
  15. Select "Add Chat." (press H)
  16. From the Account drop-down, select your new IRC account.
  17. For channel, use 'w3c/a11ySlackers'.
  18. For password, use the Gitter supplied token.
  19. The other fields are optional based on the configuration you would like.