This is a project to help personlisation for any use - including people with learning and memory issues. It is described more at:

It is made of 4 parts:

  1. Json files for user setting:
  2. Aria proposal for new syntax:

    note we are still working on it. more items will come/change
  3. An HTML page that uses some of the new aria syntax:
  4. Scripts that a web auther can use or include that read the user settings in the JSON files and adapt the page for the user needs:
  5. Stuctured HTML that idetifies the prefrences. Cascading: sort by order specified: if two declarations, the latter specified wins

To Do List

  • store as stuctured html in place of cookie- assigned to Chaohai
  • Cascading: sort by order specified: if two declarations, the latter specified wins - assigned to Chaohai in the stuctured htmle, and to ayelet in the implemtation
  • upgade the terms used with the new proposal update and coga prefex
  • write 2 or 3 example JSON descriptions/files for MCI and dyscalcilia using the aria proposal on Adaptable Links and Buttons dyscalcilia coga-numberfree= always, prefered , none (defualt)- assigned to Chaohai (on hond becuse we want to discuss settings with the group)
  • implement aria button and link functions to add pannel for extra help with button added to main menu
  • define and enable cascading
  • add later aria properties to the html page
  • add later aria properties to the json
  • reminders and disterbences
  • add later aria properties to the script
  • add later api (speach foalso for feedback, speach text highlighting, and other web components) to the html page, the json , the script
  • enable different default values for aria-importance
  • overide importance
  • proposed issues
    • Position of elements
    • Sentences can not be reliably divided. For that use aria-easylang or aria-hasalt as described abov
    • enlarged cursor
    • screen reading when available
    • a view bar for isolating text while reading,
    • Speak text and symbols
    • Highlighting: off, by word, phrase, sentence (do we need spans to identify divisions?)Misspelling in question posed. I'm not sure I understand the question. Divisions of what, the content that would be read? Wouldn't that simply follow normal document/information structure (e.g. paragraph, line of info being displayed, sentence, etc.)
    • Disable background audio
    • Color and background color preference
    • How about persistent user settings for captioning or audio description or for filtering background noise in media?
    • F1 is help about the browser npt the content
    • Issues: a universal way for saying I need help – help panel and humen help
    • Ambiguity in link types contact us could be a link or section
    • Option - make the names unabiuses contucuslink
    • Or trigger with both role and function (unless role is implide by element type suc as ancor or section)
    • Local storage in html 5 not in cookie
    • Video and api
      • 1. I want tooltips / I do not want tooltips when an item has focus
      • 2. I want side panel that with show the “morehelp” open by defula
      • 3. I want side panel that can be opened when I click on my help icon
      • 4. I want extra help in a popup window
      • 5. Show “more info” link
      • 6. I want links to "more information" when ever possible
      • 7. I want definitions in the side panel
      • 8. Iwant link to human help to be shown/not shown

      Done items (note we only started keeping this as of novermber)

      • parse the the json to identify any attribute as a variable
      • identify the local storage

      removed items

      • button for choosing what json file to load, reads the name from the json and provides that as an option - this is handeled by the stuctred html
      • implement aria button and link functions to add icon, change text, shortcut key add tooltip and pannel for extra help
      • - Ayelet