What is it?

This Java project is a small demonstration to experience what it might be to navigate a virtual world blind or without vision.

This demo world consists of:

  • A small rectangular room.
  • The player moving and navigating throughout the room.
  • Two items each with a distinct sound. One sounds like a flare and the other sounds electronic with a recurring beep.
  • (New Feature) The blue item will slowly move towards the user getting louder and louder as it gets closer.

Getting Started

  • Plug a pair of headphones into the computer and put them on.
  • Try opening and running the file.
  • Make sure that the samples are loaded in properly.
  • Use the A, D, W, S keys to move throughout the room.
  • Notice how the volume gets louder as you move closer to an item.
  • Notice how if an item is to the left, you hear it better on the left ear. Notice a similar effect for the right ear.
  • Use spacebar to enable limited visuals and an aerial view map.

Project History

  • (2012-2013) The project demo was created by Michael Wehar.
  • (December 2016) The project repo was made public.
  • (February 2017) Hunting feature was added by Jesse Hartloff so that the blue circle would slowly move towards the user.