Automatically check spelling and grammar

This feature includes spelling and grammar checking tools that correct typing mistakes. These are commonly included in word processors and literacy suites, but many internet-based applications still do not support spelling and grammar checking. Often times, the grammar checkers are also enabled to correct confusing words such as "through" and "thorough", "bought" and "brought".

Discussion by Disabilities

Spelling and grammar checkers help everyone, but they are especially helpful to those with cognitive, language, and learning disabilities in determining the correct way to form a word or sentence

Existing Products

This listing includes a wide range of products, from simple stand-alone spell-checkers to large literacy suites that include a spelling or grammar checking tool. Please note that these products are not necessarily endorsed by RtF, but represent the range of available options.

  • Spelling and grammar checking are also supported by mainstream writing products, such as the Microsoft Office Suite and many email programs.

Open Source and free

These products are free and their source code may be modified with few restrictions.

  • ATbar – ATbar, University of Southampton

Free, not necessarily open source

These products are free to use, but may have strict restrictions on viewing and modifying source code.

Commercial, with free trial

These products are free to try for a limited period of time or with limited functionality. They must be purchased for full functionality.

Commercial, no free trial

These products must be purchased to be used, and did not offer free trials at the time of posting.

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