Create consistency among web pages

This feature would reformat webpages to behave in consistent ways while maintaining their unique appearances. Tools such as CSS and semantic markup can be used to modify the appearance of sites so that they maintain a consistent format. For example, it may be helpful to many users to consistently have the Search box on a website appear in the upper right corner, labeled with a picture of a magnifying glass.

It is important to note that, although the pages modified by this feature would be similar in format, they would still be unique in look and feel. This is important for users, especially those with cognitive disabilities, to distinguish each page from the others. The goal is to have a level of consistency similar to that of houses on a city block: they are all different colors, have different architectures, and may look completely different – this is how we distinguish them from each other. However, we are able to effectively “use” any of the houses because of the consistency of them all having a front door that we know how to enter.

Three main concerns are the following:

  • Consistent controls and navigation.
  • Consistent layout.
  • Consistent labels and icons.

Discussion by Disabilities

A consistent web page will make it easier for blind users to navigate through the different element.

Having a consistent User Interface will decrease the cognitive load for users with cognitive or learning difficulties.

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