Cognitive, Language, Learning Disabilities & Low Literacy

Learn more about cognitive disabilities, medical conditions and examples of what people with intellectual or cognitive deficits experience in everyday life.


by ghosh

⭕ Tiny javascript library for creating accessible modal dialogs


by svinkle

Launchy: An Accessible Modal Window

The MasterList contains information on access techniques and approaches for all known barriers and disability categories.

Demonstration of translation of english text into sign language with fingerspelling used only as it would be for an experienced interpreter – and display of the signs on screen by a photorealistic


by ashleyelaine

WordPress plugin that evaluates each page of your site and produces a page-by-page report of where you have external links. Additionally, it has an option to activate an external link alert on each of the found links in the form of an icon and the hidden text "Opens in a new window" - which will be read by a screen reader.


by Metamatrix

A Google Chrome extension that simulates how people with disabilities can experience a webpage.