Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Here you will find a number of other interesting summative documents that do not deal with the DeveloperSpace topic (access to ICT), but provide a more spherical view of other aspects of disability.

Corpus NGT

O. Crasborn, I. Zwitserlood

This work is an effort to record and archive video data from Sign Language of the Netherlands. The signers forming a diverse group in age and regional background participated in recordings done in pairs which resulted in about 1.5 hours of useable signed data per pair. An upper body view and a top view of each signer were recorded.
Sign language of the NetherlandsSign language

British Sign Language Corpus

A. Schembri, J. Fenlon, R. Rentelis, S. Reynolds, K. Cormier

Data from deaf native, near-native and fluent signers across the United Kingdom were collected to create a machine-readable digital corpus of spontaneous and elicited British Sign Language (BSL) digital video. Participants were filmed in pairs with one camera focused on each participant and a third focused on both members of the pair.
Sign languageBritish Sign Language


P. Toman

The study investigates automatic identification of internet-based signed language data using Neural Networks. Online videos were searched for different sign languages.
Sign languageAmerican Sign LanguageBritish Sign LanguageGerman sign language

RWTH-PHOENIX-Weather 2014 T

N. Camgoz, S. Hadfield, O. Koller, H. Ney, R. Bowden

This work aims to generate spoken language translations from sign language videos, taking into account the different word orders and grammar, and argues that existing linguistic datasets are too small to support deep learning. The study uses the daily news and weather forecast airings of the German public tv-station featuring sign language interpretation. The corpus covers a vocabulary of 1066 different signs annotated using sign glosses by deaf specialists
Sign languageGerman sign languageGerman

Swedish Sign Language Dictionary

J. Mesch, L. Wallin, T. Björkstr

This dictionary includes video files for signs in Swedish Sign Language created for general educational resources. Each sign entry on the web-based dictionary consists of sign demonstration, variants by one or two hands, usage examples (sentence), and photo and sign notation.
Sign languageSwedish sign languageSwedish

The ASL Lexicon Video Dataset

V. Athitsos, C. Neidle, S. Sclaroff, J. Nash, A. Stefan, Q. Yuan, A. Thangali

Native ASL signers perform different signs as part of a project to develop a computer vision system that allows users to look up the meaning of an ASL sign. The video sequences are collected in a recording facility, using a four-camera system that simultaneously captures two frontal views, one side view, and one view zoomed in on the face of the signer.
Sign languageAmerican Sign Language

AUTSL: A Large Scale Multi-Modal Turkish Sign Language Dataset

O. Sincan, H. Keles

This work collects a large dataset with different challenging backgrounds that is suitable for modelling a realistic recognition system with real life scenarios for Turkish Sign Language. 226 signs and 38,336 isolated video samples were recorded in 20 different background conditions with Microsoft Kinect v2 containing color image (RGB), depth, and skeleton modalities.
Sign languageTurkish sign languageTurkish

Alignment Data base for a Sign Language Concordancer

M. Kaczmarek, M. Filhol

Translations and interpretation of sign language are distinct. This project aligns the video-signed translation to their interpretations and build a dataset for training an automatic concordancer. RGB cameras recorded the gestures was used to alight the translations to the interpretations of the corpus, using the French sub-set of Dicta-Sign elicitation content.
Sign language

The Korean Sign Language Dataset for Action Recognition

S. Yang, S. Jung, H. Kang, C. Kim

A Korean sign language corpus is collected using RGB video cameras of sign units to train a convolutional neural network for predicting the sign. RGB camera recorded the gestures for 77 words in Korean Sign language.
Sign languageKorean Sign Language