Logo of the project Cap4Access

The objective of CAP4Access is to develop and pilot-test methods and tools for collectively gathering and sharing spatial information for improving accessibility. The aim is to exploit the power of online maps and mobile devices for fostering awareness of barriers for individuals with limited mobility and for removing such barriers.

CAP4Access helps integrating disabled communities into society (social sustainability), saving public resources e.g. by helping municipalities to focus expenditures (economic sustainability) and also saving natural resources e.g. by facilitating public transport use (ecological sustainability). The project will develop tools and methods for:

  1. tagging, describing and discussing locations and routes within the built environment according to their accessibility;
  2. visualising the data in ways which are intuitive and highly attractive;
  3. route planning and navigation;
  4. creating awareness and preparing effective measures at local level for eliminating barriers.

Data sources will include "citizen humans as sensors", sensors in smartphones, and Public Sector Information, e.g. data held by local administrations and of relevance to accessibility (e.g. road surface and width, traffic volumes and speed, elevation, road works). Target groups include people requiring enhanced accessibility; grassroots initiatives supporting people with disabilities; policy-makers, planners and service providers with responsibility for the built environment; and the general public. Rather than setting up a new platform, the tools to be developed will be pilot-tested on established platforms including Wheelmap, WheelchairRouting, and the OSM. This will guarantee that the project's achievements will be fully utilised and maintained beyond the project (3 years). The CAP4Access team consists of an outstanding group of project managers and social researchers, technical researchers, social innovators, and cities, with well-established links to the target groups.

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