Demos & Implementations

Open Source implementations to build upon or to take code from

Integrated Smart Home Example in AsTeRICS

This building block demonstrates an integrated Smart Home environment based onĀ AsTeRICS.


by skarkkai

Tactile map maker. Creates 3D or embosser printable files for requested OpenStreetMap areas.


by deyanpeychev00

The aim of this project is to help people with visual disabilities and facilitate their daily lives. The project consists of a device with software, based on Arduino microcontroller, which measures distance by ultrasonic sensor. The signals are assigned to the user via vibrations and sound signals with different frequencies, depending on the measured distance from the device to the object in front of it. This device can help people with visual disabilities to become more independent by cutting the need of a person to assist their movement in the environment or the need of a guide dog.


by MichaelWehar

Experimenting with audio and limited visuals.


by mon95

A Machine Learning pipeline that performs hand localization and static-gesture recognition built using the scikit learn and scikit image libraries


by project-lighthouse

An application to help vision-impaired users who own an iOS smartphone.


by davrous

This extension provides more accessibility on images of a web page by using Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API to analyze it for you


by asterics

AsTeRICS based edition for occupational therapy. It will contain parametrizable models for environmental control, game accessibility and other use cases with easy configurator user interfaces.


by ranbuch

add accessibility to your website